Chicago Comedian and Master of Ceremonies, Bill Brady










Bill Brady Chicago Comedian and Master of CeremoniesSun-Times - Tom Hill ..."Comic Bill Brady builds his entire routine around spontaneous conversations with his audience. It's hard to imagine him rehearsing anything since his act depends on how people react. Brady's rapid fire patter keeps him in constant danger; without audience rapport his act would die quickly but he keeps dancing on the tight rope and his relationship with the audience sustains him."

Chicago Magazine - Josh Dunson..."Bill Brady, one of the best MC's around, gets to show off his skill in working the crowd."

Southtown Economist - Kevin Leonard..."Comic Bill Brady gets the audience into his act whenever he does his shtick."

Sun-Times - Manuel Galvan..."Being the opening act can be no laughing matter - but Brady takes it in stride."

Star - Marlene Cook..."His wit is quick and ad-lib bantering with the audience comes naturally!"

Marketeer..."Bill Brady is a natural comedian with a flair for home and family type material; picking up many of the jokes from his own family, he brings the audience into the act and many of the jokes are impromptu and spontaneous."

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